Let your travel be worry free.

Safety is foremost when you are planning your trip. See how IncBuddy can help you achieve this.  

Get timely alerts.

Whether it is a specific issue concerning your safety and security, or just recommendation about vaccination and heath risks,  IncBuddy brings your with timely alerts that can help you plan your trip keeping safety in mind. 


Avoid travel disruptions.

Flight delays and cancellations, airline strikes, disease outbreaks can put you in the middle of a lot of stress. 

With IncBuddy, you are always informed to make the right step in your itinerary planning and changes. 

Let the doctor visit you.

When in need have a video call with a doctor, schedule a clinic visit, or let the doctor visit you at the hotel.

With IncBuddy, there is no need to panic.

The other good stuff.

Little things that matter most  


2-way communication via chat, sms and video calls.

Staff Locator

Locate your staff during incidents to better manage emergencies.

Travel medicine

Access to specialists for travel medicine for health concerns.

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Business travel

Powerful, yet simple, business travel management automation.
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Expense management

In-app expense tool that's simple and easy to use. Get reimbursed on time.
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Get a sign-up bonus. Both employee & employer gets rewarded.
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