Make the most of every mile.

Enjoy a more rewarding way to book business travel.  Earn points every time your employee travels on business or personal travel. 

A great way of rewarding.

No matter how many people are in your organization, as long as you’ve signed up with us, you will be automatically enrolled in the program.  

Whether the booking is done by your employee, or your administrator, or through our call center, miles will be credited to your organization after the travel is over. 

Your organization earns miles on all business and personal travel. Employees earn separately.


Compliment your lifestyle.

Use the miles to spend on future flights and upgrades.

Or just use them to buy gifts from our store or cash them when you want. How you choose to reward yourself is up to you.

Bonus miles.

IncBuddy’s reward program does not stop as just that. 

Earn bonus miles when you sign up, shop at our store, and when we launch promotional miles offer from time to time.  

The other good stuff.

Little things that matter most  


Your miles can earn you free lounges at any of our designated airports.


Use your miles to upgrade, or for any of the several products we offer such as insurance, visa, sightseeing etc.

Free services

Use your miles for buying Uber, insurance, visa, forex, or any of the several travel services we offer.

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