Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

IncBuddy is a travel and expense automation tool that enables SMEs to manage business & personal travel effectively. 

For the average SME/Corporates, the application 

  • Decreases cost by 30%-40%
  •  Improves average employee productivity by 20%-30%
  • Improves employee safety
  • Manages various compliances. 

Yes, of course:

  • Employees don’t spend time on the policy as they are embedded to provide intelligent search & book. 
  • Approvals are automated, so no spending time chasing over emails.
  • The APP has several features that make their travel stress free
  • A dedicated relationship manager who is available 24×7
  • A tab for personal travel where they enjoy the same discounts.  


Once you sign up on the website, our express team will get in touch with you and provide you access to the APP and self -booking tool.  

You can also start with a demo in case you want to experience the application first hand. 

All your privileges remain and can be carried over to our system seamlessly. 

Yes, once you sign up, the APP can be download.

The APP comes with some amazing features never seen before. 

Well, some of the cool features are:

Great user interface

Business, personal, and family travel booking possible

Displays as per corporate travel policy

Sorting based on preference match

Expense management system 

In-app Uber booking


In-app locator which locates all the amenities nearby

Reward points shown against each selection





Yes, we are using AI-based chatbots, which is being continuously enhanced  depending on the queries we get and when we have to reach out immediately to the customer.

We also have an AI-based fare predictor, which will help forecast the future fare trend, in order to assist the right time to book a trip.  This will be rolled out soon.  

We provide SMS notifications on key events – such as approval processes, and also on-trip to alert or inform you.

We also track your passport expiry date and other major event dates and remind you over SMS notification to alert in advance

Whether it is Visa stamping, Travel insurance, Forex needs, car rentals or anything concerning travel, we take care of everything to make your journey smooth

Yes, quite often, the corporate books packages for their MICE needs, and our partnership with several destination travel teams means that we are able to bring to you unique packages that are not expensive and provide a great experience.

Personal travel trips and also avail of this. The link is available with the Self-booking tool.

We are constantly updating changes that come in in the self-booking tool, and you would get instant access after sign-up

Search & Book

An employee can select a trip and send for approval through the planning tool, much in advance. This helps in reducing cost.

There are 4 options:

  • Through the SBT (Self-booking tool) link
  • Through the APP
  • Your corporate Administrator can book for you
  • Through our call-center

Yes, absolutely.

It’s quite common for employees to extend their duty travel and enjoy the destination before returning back. Evidence suggests that this perk is helpful to improve morale, productivity, and is a criterion for retention at many corporates.  

This also benefits the corporate in additional cost savings which can be shown during the demo


What you see in the system are discounted fares we have negotiated with airlines for you. These fares come with additional benefits that you do not get when you book on a portal or outside.  These include but not limited to free meals, seats, free rescheduling, and reduced cancellation fees on several airlines. 

Yes, for the corporate fare. Do check the terms and conditions.

Credit card, debit card, net banking, mobile wallet, UPI, Amazon pay & Reward points.

At the time of sign-up & later, we do collect all the employee preferences such as “no night flight”, “veg meal”, “window seat” etc, and feed them into the system. These are then seamlessly attached to your booking so you do not worry or spend time chasing these activities. All minute details will be taken care of. 

yes, as an when they are changes, these are updated to reflect correctly.

There are auto-sync tools also, which can be used to sync employee data dynamically for big companies.  

On trip

Yes, we provide a 7-star service when it comes to support. We believe in handholding every customer all through the journey.

We have 24×7 support which is active on the AI chatbot, email, direct line, and also a dedicated relationship manager hotline. 

We also have an office where you are welcome and share your stories with our team, to help them serve better. 


Yes, no charges on these corporate fares. You only pay the fare difference. Do ask for the terms and conditions before you reschedule. 

You can ask your administrator, or call the call centre or just ask our friendly chatbot Arti. 

You can ask your administrator, or call the call centre or just ask our friendly chatbot Arti. 

The system sends you regular alerts about the destination you are traveling to, so you are aware of any strikes, disruptions, violence, weather conditions etc. 

Yes, we do provide an on-call doctor, on in-patient appointments depending on the severity of your health issue.  Some of these services come at an extra charge, but you always travel with peace of mind.  

Yes, we do provide employee tracking service when they are on-trip.

Post Trip

Absolutely, it is stored in the ‘My bookings’ area for easy reference.

Yes, the good part is that both employer and employee are rewarded points when travel either business or personal travel is completed.

Once you get access to your system, you can sign-up for the rewards program. 

The reward program helps in redeeming your points for cash, travel services, or shopping on IncBuddy’s shop.

We are adding some amazing stuff to our shop as the journey has just started.

Absolutely, it’s a key feature where users can download reports showing the GST components, to ensure they get input credits.

We follow all government compliances and new changes as they come in order to ensure the customer does not suffer. 

Right from the mis-savings report, to various types of reports that help the corporate save and be more productive can be auto-downloaded.

We also provide an interface to your accounting system, so you have all things in one place.


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