Expense tracking and reporting - delightfully simple.

Automate your expense reporting, save precious time for your employees. Keep them happy, productive and motivated.     

No more manual reporting.

IncBuddy’s expense management tool eliminates manual bills, and all the related paperwork. Time to move away from paper receipts and excel spreadsheets.

Simply one click!

IncBuddy’s expense management tool is integrated with the travel app. Just click on the expense button and start scanning and uploading you expenses – just one click! 

 You do not have to add employee list once again. 

What’s more, all the locations such as restaurants, cabs, rail stations and so on are integrated in the same app which helps record “on the go”. Use your wallet card, corporate card or just your personal credit card. 

The tool streamlines the workflow to bring in all the efficiencies.

Eliminate the stress of accounting

IncBuddy’s system allows the employee to report and get approval in real-time. All the company expenses are visible centrally at all times. 

Reduces re-imbursement time by 70%!

Automation helps in downloading all the consolidated reports with a simple click to a CSV file, or to your accounting system.   

The other amazing stuff.

Power and simplicity in the details


All the expense data and receipts are stored securely on the cloud.

Unlimited usage

Create and download as many reports as you want. It's free with no limit.


Supports all the currencies and conversion to base currency.


Get all the insights into your bills and receipts, make relevant decisions.

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